As one of the most popular destinations for both the Southern and Northern parts of the United States, South Carolina has many excellent water sports for visitors to choose from. And because it’s located so close to the Atlantic Ocean, there are more than a few fun activities visitors can participate in while visiting this paradise state. Visitors can rent a jet ski for days, if they wanted, or only a couple of hours. After a quick stop at one of the popular islands off the coast, visitors can head inland to one of the many water sports options. Whether it’s a lazy day on a jet ski or an excursion deep into the Atlantic Ocean, there is plenty to do here for anyone looking for a little relaxation or a fun vacation.


Among the most popular water sports available to visitors are kayaking, banana boating, and jet skiing. These sports are not only great fitness activities, but also a great way to spend an afternoon, a weekend, or an entire trip. And no activity is better than “peeing in the ocean,” since it leaves participants with an immediate sense of gratification. No matter what the reason for visiting, there are a variety of watersports that can be enjoyed by all ages and skill levels.

While jet skis are among the most popular watersports, they aren’t the only option for people who enjoy the great outdoors and the thrill of adventure. Some of the other activities include golden showers, which involve participants splashing in warm fresh water (often from the shore or the river), and/or urinating in a body of water. “Golden Showers,” as they are sometimes called, have grown in popularity over the last decade or so, largely due to the advent of a type of competition known as “pee-sport.” In this competition, participants either urinate in a particular “gold” color, like the American flag, or do a short sprint of the length of the track, as fast as possible. The fastest “golden shower” wins.

Of course, it’s not just water that people can participate in during a “pee” in a stream, lake, or river. Some people find that “peeing on the beach” is just what they need to get the stress and anxiety of the day away. This is another type of “watersports’ that can include running or walking on the beach with a sign that reads “pee on the beach.” This sport is called electrolysis, and is pretty fun.

There is even a type of “watersports” called “peeing in the ocean.” In this game, participants simply urinate into the ocean with a waterproof bag attached to their person. Whoever “peees in the ocean” becomes the winner. While this sport isn’t quite as exciting as the “pee in a golden circle” competition, it does offer participants some opportunity to get a real workout.

Other types of water activities include “golden showers,” which is exactly what it sounds like: a sexual game played on a structure known as a “shower pole.” In some cases, participants engage in what is called “sexy water,” where each person urinates in a colored gemstone that is affixed to the pole. Whoever gets the most gemstones is the winner. Of course, “sexy water” doesn’t translate to fun unless participants engage in a little nudging each other; otherwise, it would be considered very gross and might not even be legal.

One other form of watersports involves the act of “kinkurfing.” Basically, two people are out on a kink and someone on each end asks their partner to “kink”. Once the request is done, the second person sprays water into the kink and causes it to expand, becoming larger than normal. The event is officiated by a “kinkmaster,” who usually has a very funny side.

If you’ve never tried any of these watersports before, there’s no reason to fear. In fact, most are incredibly easy to do and provide a lot of fun for everyone involved. Just remember that “watersports” aren’t necessarily sexual in nature; they’re simply an activity that combines two or more different activities into one, all-encompassing event. It’s all about having a good time! Whatever your idea of a great day at the beach is, you can probably incorporate it into a watersports event somewhere.