dolphin tour

If you want to take a dolphin tour, you’ll have to pack a few things. First, you need to bring the proper swimsuits. While some companies provide life jackets, children should still bring their own. This way, everyone can be as safe as possible. Another thing to pack is a change of clothes.

You should also take some sunscreen. Dolphin tours can be very sunny, so you need to protect yourself from the UV rays. A good sunscreen will help prevent sunburn. It’s a good idea to take an extra towel with you, just in case. The water can get pretty cold during a dolphin tour, so you should wear clothing that will keep you warm.

Also, make sure to bring your camera. You can capture priceless moments on your camera while watching the dolphins. A camera can also help you take a group photo. Most companies have photographers on board, so it’s wise to bring one along. If the company doesn’t provide any, you can always ask for a group photo.

If you’re traveling with children, a dolphin tour is a great way to introduce them to dolphins and other marine life. The tours are suitable for kids of all ages. Moreover, they’re usually inexpensive and flexible. Groups or families can also enjoy discounted prices. Moreover, these tours usually accommodate up to six people.

A dolphin tour is a great way to spend an afternoon with your family. You’ll have the chance to watch bottlenose dolphins close up and learn about their behavior. You’ll also learn about the ecosystem around the area. The shallow waters in Hilton Head provide the perfect habitat for dolphins. The tour is also good for parents, because it’s great fun for kids.